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Let me ask you a question... are you currently just winging it, improvising?


Following a Hope and Pray Nutrition System?

Or... Do you have a Clear Cut, No B.S Plan to get into the Best Shape of your Life?

If you are just winging it, don't feel bad... You're not alone.

My name is Guy Noble, creator of the Kettlercise® System and like you, I once just 'winged it'. Ocassionally it would work, but nine times out of 10 it didn't....

I'd just entered the Fitness Industry as a Trainer, I quickly learned I had to become better. In fact, I had to become a true expert in Exercise and Nutrition, otherwise I wouldn't last long. 

Winging it just didn't cut it anyore. 

Then something crazy happened, as I actually started to apply what I had been learning, not only did I achieve my own goals of true physical change, my clients goals did too... and pretty damn quick.

BUT, it didn’t stop there..... I’d started to use Kettlebells in my own training and fortunately I had some eager Guinea pigs willing to participate in my craziness (namely my training clients) and I must admit not everything went to plan at first, but gradually little by little things started to fall in to place. 

BOOM! The Kettlercise® Program...

The Penny had finally dropped. 

I’d got it. Client after client got success. I was pretty damn pleased with myself and I didn’t mind saying so either. Until a colleague of mine said this: “That’s great Guy but not everyone can afford to hire you as a trainer”. He was right. My fees ain’t cheap PLUS I had no more room on my schedule to fit anymore clients in! 

I had to make a Big Decision. 

Everything I knew was in my head. 

I had NOTHING written down. 

I’d been doing it that long it just came natural which meant I had to start systemising my program so that anyone seeking true physical change could follow it.....even if they’d never picked up a kettlebell before. 

Now fortunately I know some pretty smart people. My business partner Adrian said 'all you have to do is sit down, I’ll interview you and take all of what you know out of your head and we’ll just document it.'

OK, I thought. Sounds pretty straight forward a few hours we’d be done (which just goes to show I’m not smart at everything). 

A full 7 days later it was all out. Now all we had to do was to put it all together. We had: 


  • Nutritional Programs 
  • Check Lists 
  • Cheat sheets 
  • Exercise Workouts 


In short we had ‘McDonald-ised’ ALL aspects of the ‘Kettlercise® Body Transformation System'.....the rest as they say is history! I say this not to brag but I’m known for bringing Kettlebell Training in to the mainstream fitness industry with the Kettlercise® Group Fitness Programs. 

We have since sold tens of thousands of my home training DVD’s. But what I would like to point out it that if you’re truly seeking physical’ve come to the right place. 

So we made a very bold move (some might say crazy...) 

We decided to take ALL of the home training Programs AND Systems and PUT THEM ALL IN ONE PLACE. 

We called it the ‘KETTLERCISE® VAULT’ and as a Kettlercise® Vault Member you get to see ALL of my previously released systems (PLUS more .....but I’ll come to that in a minute) and Nutritional Programs. Let me give you a quick overview. 

Currently in the Vault there is our entire DVD Collection: 

  • Lean-In-14 From Beginner to Advanced – 6 Fun Packed Workouts | Value of £29.99
  • Kettlercise® for Women Vol 1 – 3 Workouts | Value of £24.99
  • Kettlercise® for Women Vol 2 – 3 Workouts | Value of £24.99 
  • Kettlercise® for Men - 3 Workouts | Value of £19.99
  • Kettlercise® Unplugged Series - 3 Workouts | Value of £19.99
  • Kettlercise® H.Core - 5 Workouts | Value of £49.99

The All New Kettlercise® 6 Week Fit Program Value of £99.99

If you're looking for a structured workout program, the Brand New Kettlercise® '6 Week Fit' is Exclusive to the Vault. It has everything you need to in the best shape of your life in just 6 weeks. 

  • Complete 6-Week Workout Schedules
  • Mass of Varied Kettlercise Workouts to help keep it fresh
  • Complete Diet Program
  • Meal Plans
  • Support from the Kettlercise Team 

That's Not All...

BOTH Nutritional Systems – the ‘H.Core 12 Week Program’ AND the ‘NEW 14 Day Diet ...

  • ‘Diet Check Sheets’ 
  • Your very own ‘Program Tracker’ 
  • The ‘Motivational Zone’, Articles and audio files to keep your goals on track 
  • ‘Food AND Supplement’ Guides.....this IS HUGE 
  • Tri Plate & Bi-Plate system 

Recipe Zones, helping you to never be ‘lost’ for new ideas: Breakfast, Lunches, Dinner, Snacks and Smoothies, last count around the 200+ mark! Vault ‘Support Zone’, where Members ‘come together’ to support each other and ask questions and/or seek advice. 

Did we mention it's On Demand?

That's right, no matter where you are, what device you're using... You're able to access the Kettlercise® Vault. 

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • All PC and Laptop Compatible
  • On the Go, Unlimited Access
  • User Friendly

That’s just to name SOME of what’s in there......and AS ALWAYS WE DIDN'T STOP THERE! I looked at how I could create EVEN MORE VALUE. 

So, along with my Faculty Team of fitness Presenters we added EXTRA WORKOUTS NEVER RELEASED before. 

  • Kettlercise® Genesis Workouts
  • Kettlercise® Pure Workouts 
  • Kettlercise® TEMPEST Workouts 
  • Kettlercise® Stretch & Tone Workouts

We are adding more and more content as the weeks and months go on so what you see here now IS ONLY THE BEGINNING... 

I’m even available in the Members Area for UNRESTRICTED ACCESS without any of the associated fees. THIS truly is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY of resources I’ve ever put together AND we are committed to keeping them updated and added to on a regular basis. 

Having your own family in the Forum where you can share your achievements, and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. You know how hard this struggle can be and sometimes we all need just a little help and encouragement when the storms of life arrive. We’ll all be here watching your back. 

We've loaded up £637.36 worth of Ultimate Body Transformation Shortcuts and there's much much more to come...


P.S This offer... Infact, this page won't be around for ever. So act now, while it's still fresh on your mind. We reserve the right to change, or remove this offer anytime. 

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